“Industrial Action — a Manager’s Guide”  is a training programme developed to show HR managers and line managers how to deal with industrial action.

One in five senior HR professionals believe that trade union action is likely to affect their organisation in the next six months. Recent research conducted by YouGov found that 54% of HR professionals in the UK are working in teams where nobody has any experience of dealing with trade union action.YouGov poll Nov. 2010

Industrial disputes have been few and far between over the last twenty to thirty years and the days of regular industrial strife have largely been left behind us. That may be about to change. We are warned that unprecedented reductions in public spending on the heels of a dramatic recession will result in a proliferation of strikes that will affect public and private concerns throughout the economy.

There is a generation of managers and HR personnel at senior and junior levels who have no experience of the challenges that managing during industrial action can throw up. This resource is intended to deliver a forum for the subject to be explored and for HR managers to experience the possible incidents that may occur in order to develop the behaviours and skills that they will need to survive the days of action and rebuild their teams in the aftermath.