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The Background

The resource shows a manager attempting to cope before, during and after an industrial dispute. The film is divided into 5 modules each with its own learning points for discussion and advice.

It highlights issues relating to behaviour, communication, support, consultation and disciplinary action. The accompanying course materials include discussion points and practical advice on how managers can deal with the stresses, conflict situations, dilemmas and confused loyalties that can arise in strike situations.

The resource is designed to help organisations to build the leadership skills that will be needed in the event of industrial action.


The film focuses on a local depot where a strike is called, following a national union ballot. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the dispute, Vic, the local depot manager has to deal with half his staff walking out. He has to negotiate the picket line boundaries and deal with the divided loyalties of those who remain at work.

As the picket line is hijacked by outsiders, it becomes more intimidating. A striking worker returns to work and a non-striking worker takes time off, claiming solidarity. As the strike escalates, Vic struggles with the rapidly changing dynamics of an increasingly hostile situation.

When the strike ends Vic has to decide on disciplinary action and deals with the lingering animosity.